Welcome to the SaabChat forum!

This forum was created for Saab enthusiasts and Do It Yourselfers to share resources and updates about their work on their vehicles and other projects.

Here’s what you can find here:

  • Advice about troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance
  • Project car build thread journals and status updates
  • For Sale and Wanted posts
  • A helpful technical community free from spam and low-effort posts

Here’s what inspired this website and forum:

  • The best “old school” forums were purchased by VerticalScope and now have so many ads that they’re nearly unreadable
  • These original forums Membership declined as people tired of VerticalScope and then flocked to Facebook for a mobile-friendly experience and the chance to connect with many more enthusiasts
  • Facebook Groups are a convenient way to connect with other enthusiasts, but it’s hard to get accurate high-quality answers when needed
  • Facebook Groups do not provide an easily-searchable archive for topics addressed in the past
  • Many people are concerned about privacy issues associated with Facebook
  • It would be very helpful and efficient to have a curated list of bookmarks to currently-available internet resources