2004 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon

2004 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon
Automatic Transmission (5 speed)
Nocturne Blue with Tan Leather Interior

The Good

  • Top-end Aero model with the 250 hp engine and Mitsubishi TD04 turbo ($42,695 when new!)
  • Engine was replaced by previous owner; current engine has <80k miles and runs very well
  • Roomy, comfortable vehicle that is especially fun to drive in sport mode
  • 17-inch 5-spoke wheels – exclusive to Aero trim level
  • Advanced safety features: Electronic Stability Program and Traction Control System
  • Auto dimming mirror with integrated garage door opener controls
  • Premium Harmon Kardon audio system with subwoofer
  • Spare parts included: Direct Ignition Cassette, Crankshaft Sensor

Recent Maintenance Work (all done in the last few weeks)

  • Tune-up with new NGK spark plugs, new engine air filter, and cleaned MAF sensor
  • Oil change (including filter) with Mobil 1 synthetic oil
  • Complete front and rear brake jobs with new PowerStop ceramic brake pads and all new rotors
  • New front wheel bearing hub assemblies
  • New ball joints
  • Air Conditioning system recharged
  • Replaced broken arm rest between seats
  • Replaced airbag crash sensor and reset system

The Bad

  • Sunroof lifts up-and-down properly but does not slide back. I don’t use the sunroof and have not tried to diagnose the issue.
  • There is a Check Engine Light: Code P0453 which indicates a problem with Evap Pressure Sensor or the Charcoal Canister. This code does not affect drivability. Previous owner provided a replacement sensor and canister to me and I will pass them on with the sale.
  • ABS Control Module occasionally shows trouble codes on the first start-up on hot days. Turning the car off and re-starting corrects the issue.

The Ugly

  • There is rust in the “dogleg” areas by the rear wheel wells – like most 9-5’s have
  • Extensive clear coat peeling on the hood
  • Some clear coat peeling on the roof
  • Shifter “jalousie” sliding trim piece is broken. Available for <$20 if you would like to replace it.
  • Parking brake boot sits a little crooked. A replacement boot is included if you care to re-seat it.
  • The drivers door handle is worn. A replacement door panel with good handle is included.
  • Headlight washer nozzles need to be replaced if you want them to work. If you don’t care, just glue the hole covers on.

Why I’m selling
I was lucky to find a very-low-mileage and rust-free example of the same car and I have turned my attention to restoration and modification of that car instead of this Aero.

I have owned Saabs for 25+ years and know them pretty well, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I can take more photos and shoot video of anything you’d like to see.